Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Listening in your car.

So pretty much the only place I listen to these audios is in my car. I have a nice 20 mile drive in the countryside between home and work. OK, sometimes it's not so nice because it can take from 25 to 75 minutes to get from point A to B, depending on the traffic. It definately makes it nice to be listening to something you really like when your stuck in stop n go traffic for stupid amounts of time.

Everyone has their own method for doing things, right? Well yeah, duh. Well I'm going to tell you my method of listening to mp3's in the car.

I don't have a CD player in the car. Much less one that plays mp3s. And if I did, I wouldn't want to burn through an endless run of discs to listen to ever changing mp3s (unless you have good CDRWs, in which case, maybe that's not an issue, but it is with me because, like I said, there's no CD player in the car). So I researched FM Transmitters, which are devices with a mini-jack audio-in, a mini FM transmitter and powered through the cigarette lighter plug. You plug that into your car and plug your MP3 player into the transmitter, tune it to a station that isn't being used locally and tada, you are sending a FM radio transmission to yourself.

The one I bought is here. I got it at Radio Shack. In fact I bought another one for my wife's car. We're very happy with them. I haven't used it much in a big city like San Francisco and when I have the sound has tended to be a little defused with static at times, but especially near really big metal structures like the Golden Gate Bridge. But out in the coutryside with the cows and chickens it works absolutely wonderfully.

I bet the SPIDER had some type of proto FM transmitter. Let's see how he's doing in the latest epidsode of THE CHOLERA KING...
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