Wednesday, September 20, 2006

G-8 : Squadron of Corpses Chpt 7 - 8

WWI era aviation movies that I would recommend:

I'm just spewing this out since FLYBOYS is looming closer and closer and since we're listening to WWI master spy and SPAD fighter G-8 and his Battle Aces. I'm not doing any research here, just naming off the top of my head several movies I've seen and appreciated in this genre.

First is Howard Hughes' THE HELLS ANGELS, which had hours of flying footage shot for it. Most of the edited out footage wound up as stock footage for other aviation movies. Great story of two brothers who are in France when the Germans start invading and enlist in the air corps. This movie did the kamikaze plane into the Zeppelin long before FLYBOYS.

Next is DAWN PATROL with Errol Flynn. This is a great movie about the pressure of being the commander of a fighter squadron that has high casulties (as they all did back then). Wonderful Erol Flynn type heroics are transfered successfully into the skies.

THE BLUE MAX with an interesting view from the German side. A more modern movie (relatively speaking, in 1966) with much more complicated characters who you are not sure you can or should root for. Not because of which side of the war they are on, but because the characters are so kniving, backstabbing and vainglorious.

And then there are some serials such as ACE DRUMMOND and TAILSPIN TOMMY which even though not taking place during the Great War is around that time and uses nifty bi-planes. TAILSPIN TOMMY is more kid's adventures oriented (makes sense, since it's based on a newpaper comic strip) and ACE DRUMMOND is a more exotic affair, taking place in China.

G-8 would have made a GREAT serial.

Well let's see what he's up to. It seems the Scooby Doo effect that is usually the case in G-8 maybe actually turn out to be real Voodoo! We'll have to listen and find out!

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