Tuesday, September 19, 2006

G-8 : Squadron of Corpses Chpt 5 - 6

In the NEWS:

From now until Sept 21st, you can watch live video feed of a robot that is exploring the sunken dirigible USS Macon. The Macon carried five F9C Sparrowhawk biplanes which were launched and landed through a hang-down trapeze system. This floating aircraft carrier went down in a storm off of the California coast and was the last dirigible of the US Navy. Now what do you suppose would happen if that robot was poking around, and in that underwater debris they happened on zombies? Or in the case of a G-8 scenerio, underwater, Nazi zombies? Well I don't think it THAT far fetched. We've seen it happen before!

That was one heck of a segue wasn't it? And on that note, let's see what sort of undead trouble G-8 has to put up with today...

"We, the dead pilots Munz, von Bach, von Klingen, Wolffson, beg to announce that we have been brought back from the dead by Croloi, the master of white and black magic.

And by our resurrection, four of your best flyers are about to die, to take our places in the grave."

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