Monday, September 18, 2006

G-8 : Squadron of Corpses Chpt 3 - 4

FLYBOYEEEZ! Ok, so there's this movie coming out called "Flyboys". It looks kinda "Hollywood" and glitzy for my taste. It's supposed to be based on the true story of the Lafayette Escadrille, of which there is an earlier movie notably starring David Jassen and Clint Eastwood. To me a lot of the visual and dramatic queues seem to be straight out of Howard Hughes' THE HELL'S ANGELS (not the motocycle club) and THE BLUE MAX. I don't know if it will be any good or not, but since we're listening to a WWI story right now, I thought it would be appropriate to mention it here because FLYBOYS opens in theatres this week. Also since the Lafayette Escadrille was a French-based squadron it looks like they flew Nieuports and SPADS, just like G-8 and his buddies. In the FLYBOYS trailers I've only noticed the Nieuports.

On to other business... A NOTE OF WARNING: I just want to take a second to inform the uninitiated that pulps in general and especially war-related pulps such as G-8 can and usually do contain a lot of very un-PC racial slurs. If you are offended by hearing racial slurs then you may not want to listen to, or read, the G-8 stories since they are filled with German epithets.

Ever wonder what the Lafayette Escadrille would do if they encountered German Aces coming back as reanimated corpses? Well, me neither, but it is definately the realm of G-8 and his Aces, Nippy and Bull.

No one seemed to know what to do in the little circle that was ever increasing as artillerymen came running up, only to stop and gasp.

With an effort G-8 stepped forward, his gun held ready. He confronted the weird spectacle of unhumanity. When he spoke his voice came dry and rasping.

“You are Oberteutnant von Griel ?” he asked.

Then cold sweat burst out on his body, lor the eyes didn’t even look at him, although he felt that the man could see him.

The lips didn’t move. Nothing about that stiff, standing figure except its head. And that nodded once, in a jerky motion. Down, forward and back.

The forward movement was a snapping drop almost to the chest, as though the strength in the neck had suddenly given out. Then a backward motion, as though the owner were lifting his head by a slow, weary effort.

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Squadron of Corpses
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