Wednesday, September 06, 2006


What's next?

We're more than halfway through THE CHOLERA KING and I'm already working on what the next experiment will be. I'm thinking of encoding a single short story before we start the next book. Since Fall is coming and it's getting close to Halloween season, and since the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Societie's next film is going to be THE WHISPERER IN DARKNESS I thought that might be a good short for the Fall season kickoff.

If you do not know about the HPLHS movie productions and you are into Lovecraft, I would fully and heartily suggest heading over to their website and buying the DVD of their first major movie release, THE CALL OF CTHULHU. This silent, black and white, indie film is in my opinion the best Lovecraft adaptation that has been done. Ever. Period.

So what's up with The SPIDER? Well, the last time we heard from him, he was dealing out his own cold brand of justice:

The window sill slammed the back of his knees and with a wild cry, he pitched backward into space. Wentworth half-sprang to the sill to catch him, then stopped, turning away with a twisted smile. Justice had been done. The man he had shot had ceased to scream. His breath whistled hoarsely in his throat and, even as the Spider's cold gaze returned to him, he shivered convulsively, once, twice, and was dead. Twice more the Spider's seal was imprinted and he paused a moment, downstairs, beside the pitiful remains of what had been a young girl. His face was wrenched awry. God give him the privilege of finding many more of these beasts tonight!

And now we continue THE CHOLERA KING, Chapter SEVEN; "Save Me, Spider!"
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