Friday, September 29, 2006

G-8 : Squadron of Corpses Chpt 15 - 16

Other auditory entertainments online.

ON and off for the past 25 years or so I have been a Doctor Who fan. In the 80s and 90s there was a growing base of fans creating their own Doctor Who dramas. The cheapest way to do that was to produce radio play-like audiodramas. I have listened to some of the audiodramas created by the now professional troupe called BIG FINISH. They've banged out almost 90 different dramas in the Whovian realm, with many of them using the voices of the original TV show stars. They are pretty fun, though somewhat expensive on CD. Also there are groups like MAGIC BULLET which is now producing the Dr Who spinoff series of FACTION PARADOX.

The neat thing is that the FANS themselves are also still out there making these. And now with digital sound creation and mixing technologies, and with the creators getting older and wiser, the fan audios are virtually on par, if not in some instances doing better productions than the pros.

The word "fan" might lead you to believe that these would be clumsy pastiche attempts at remaking ideas from the original shows but with poor recording, bad writing and amature acting. But that is certainly not the case for at least a couple of these groups.

The group that primarily comes to mind is DOCTOR WHO AUDIO DRAMA or DWAD for short. They have been creating Who based serials since the early 1980s, which is before some of my co-workers were born. They have gone through 4 Doctors, now on their 5th, and many companions, and along the way have built a healthy fan base for their work. Their scripts are clean and smart, the voice acting tends to be very professional and the technical side, the music and sounds effects are perfectly generated and put together to create dynamic, original and entertaining serials.

Another group is DARKER PROJECTS who create audios based on multiple subjects ranging from Star Trek, to Lord Byron to the good Doctor as well. The neat thing about groups like this, DWAD and others is that when possible, they release their materials online for free. And FREE is a really good deal when it comes to getting a quality product, which these are.

Go visit them. Download some shows and visit their forums. They are really open and nice folks.

G-8, L-11 and K-3!

It looks like G-8 might've overstretched himself dogfighting with the Zombie Nazis as he and his Battle Aces have found themselves out of fuel and ammo on the wrong side of the enemy lines. It seems they might really be done for this time, but G-8 might have some very special friends just around the corner. Let's find out about L-11 and K-3!

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Squadron of Corpses
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