Tuesday, September 26, 2006

G-8 : Squadron of Corpses Chpt 11 - 12

At the end of chapter 10 we found G-8, Nippy and Bull in a jam:

G-8 suddenly noticed something he hadn’t seen before. The Germans were tearing in from the south, cutting them off from their home lines. They couldn’t run for home now if they wanted to.

He swung his flight in a climbing turn. He must get up to the level of the Germans before the fight started. And while he kicked over in that maneuver, his thumb came down on the trigger button to warm his guns.

Tac! tac!

He jerked upright in alarm. Instantly the full horror of the situation flooded over him. They had been short of ammunition, he remembered the sergeant saying so. He had taken the faulty ammunition out their belts and had put in what there was of the good. They had used many rounds in trying to sever the wires that held the corpse to the Zeppelin.

Now their belts were empty. His gasoline tank was nearly so. Nippy and Bull were most probably in the same fix.

G-8 groaned.

So you want to find out what happens next, don't you?

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