Thursday, April 09, 2009

Dial P for Pulp podcast

This goes under the "why didn't I know about this before" heading. Dial P for Pulp is a website that has brought news and reviews and some audiobook readings to its listeners since mid-2007. There's a good mix of stuff in each podcast and there's 10 episodes so far, so you might want to check it out.
A detailed guide to each episode along with its download can be found here

What are you waiting for? Go download and listen!


Iron Mammoth said...


Thanks for the wonderful comments about DPFP!
I am glad you enjoyed the shows.
I am working on the next one at the moment, although I have had some problems getting motivated to do the editing (the really boring part of the job).
Comments like yours really help get me back on track.


shonokin said...

Hi David, thanks for dropping by. If you have an RSS or notification system, I will post about your shows whenever they show up. This is great stuff and is something the pulpdom needs. In fact I just hopped online to hit your website and see about signing up for notifications.

To those reading. In listening to the first three episodes so far I can tell you I've already learned a lot about things going on in the pulp world over the past couple of years that I just didn't know about. For instance the existence of Hydra Miniatures, which creates a good selection of very pulp and serial inspired characters

So like I said, head over and listen. Relevant links to all the articles in the podcast are listed on David's website.