Friday, May 22, 2015

The Hooded Terror Strikes!

You should see this. It is a rare piece of film history. Thought lost for ages, then found in Russia and rescued, restored and translated back to English. It's full of action and suspense. It has an amazing villain- "The Hooded Terror" and the queen of silent serials, Pearl White is the heroine. She was no wilting violet and would have stood her ground just fine in a Mad Max movie! I was startlingly mesmerized upon seeing the first episode. 

The Hooded Terror is really something. A mix of insane and intelligent, brutal and devious. Something akin to Fantomas or The Joker and with a super-strength to wreck havoc on everyone that gets in its way. 

Full disclosure; I donated a little bit of research for this project, but solely out of my pure fascination and admiration of it. And I'm plugging The House of Hate because it's a really top of the line example of what the best of silent serials were all about.