Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Festival by H. P. Lovecraft

So Halloween is almost upon us and I've spent most of October not posting anything because I've been trying to assure that this blog is showing up in google. It's not very enticing to think that I put this together for you folks but ya wind up not even knowing it exist because it's not on any search engines. It is now so we'll continue on with the experiment.

What we have for today is one of the first Lovecraft stories that I ever read. What first drew me to HPL was the stark and scary covers by Michael Whelan. I picked up The Tomb and Other Tales just randomly based on the Whelan cover and the weird-sounding name "Lovecraft". It had "Love" in it but together with "craft" made it somehow itself a creepy and might I say Eldritch sounding name.

After reading more classical horror staples such as Poe and Shelley, running into Lovecraft was quite a revelation. This was like truly classic gothic horror, but with gloppy, disgusting monsters of some type of alien origin in it. I had no idea what was hidden behind the cloaks of the revelers in The Festival. I was blown away and immediately started drawing those horrors that I read about. That stuff was really stimulating, and sometimes even now, a quarter of a century later it can still fire my imagination.

So on that demented, mad-piping note, I present The Festival. This entry in the experiment includes some ambient music just to weirdly spice things up.

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